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About RPRG

Real Property Research Group, Inc. (RPRG) is a multi-disciplinary real estate and economic consulting firm. Through its offices in Roswell, Georgia and Columbia, Maryland, the firm works with lenders, building companies, developers, public agencies, special purpose agencies and other real estate professionals to offer timely and insightful analyses of real estate trends, economic development issues, marketing strategies and market feasibility throughout the United States. Since 2001, the firm has completed over 7,600 assignments, many of which have resulted in successful real estate, revitalization, and economic development projects.

RPRG is a founding member of the National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA). Tad Scepaniak is Immediate Past Chair and has authored or co-authored many of the group’s white papers on market study methodologies. Bob Lefenfeld has also served as Chair of NCHMA and currently serves as Chair of its FHA committee. RPRG adheres to that organization’s adopted standards in terms of definition and study content.


We put the Analysis back in Market Analysis

Today, information is at everyone’s fingertips. The challenge is harnessing information in a way that answers our questions and responds to our needs. Our clients do not hire us simply to conduct research and compile reams of data with minimal interpretation. Rather, they hire us to gather and then evaluate data, think critically, provide insightful analyses, and offer well-researched opinions and recommendations. With those objectives in mind, our senior project directors and experienced analysts conduct assignments from start to finish. Experienced eyes inspect your site, investigate the neighborhood in which it is located and carefully view key competitors. We do not leave this fieldwork – the building block on which the analysis rests – to less experienced or “junior” staff. The experienced analyst is also the primary author of your report. Equally as important is that each analysis is approached as a unique challenge and set of circumstances, in which we build towards project specific findings, conclusions, and recommendations.